Flights from Hanoi to Seoul for the Next Few Days

Departure atStopsFind tickets
10.10.2021DirectTickets from 257
10.10.20212 StopsTickets from 731
10.10.20211 StopTickets from 845
10.10.20213 StopsTickets from 1 380
10.10.20214Tickets from 1 459

Cheap Flights to Seoul

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Jeju20.09.202123.09.2021Tickets from 24
Busan19.09.202122.09.2021Tickets from 27
Gwangju18.09.202122.09.2021Tickets from 44
Yeosu18.09.202120.09.2021Tickets from 61
Manila09.06.202211.06.2022Tickets from 154
Kalibo21.04.202223.04.2022Tickets from 208
Ho Chi Minh City08.03.202212.03.2022Tickets from 321
Bangkok24.11.202130.11.2021Tickets from 327
Moscow07.03.202208.03.2022Tickets from 358
Vladivostok03.11.202107.11.2021Tickets from 361
Novosibirsk02.11.202107.11.2021Tickets from 374
Daegu24.09.202126.09.2021Tickets from 375
Tokyo20.06.202224.06.2022Tickets from 389
Istanbul01.10.202106.10.2021Tickets from 391
Paris26.12.202101.01.2022Tickets from 398
Osaka22.04.202225.04.2022Tickets from 422
Kuala Lumpur01.03.202207.03.2022Tickets from 444
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk06.03.202208.03.2022Tickets from 444
Budapest01.11.202107.11.2021Tickets from 450
Phnom Penh01.10.202106.10.2021Tickets from 465

신세계조선호텔 뱅커스 클럽, 호경전 인 뱅커스 클럽 ‘변신’

*** 호텔예약 관련 뉴스 ***
신세계조선호텔은 이번 리뉴얼을 통해 호경전 인기 메뉴와 특화상품 등으로 30여 가지 메뉴를 구성했다. 고객층도 기존 연회서비스 예약 중심에서 일반 워크인(walk-in) 고객으로 타깃을 확대했다.

뉴스 수집 시각 :2018-06-06T07:35:00.000Z
전체뉴스 보기 :

Palace snowscape welcomes tourists

Changdeokgung Palace, an officially-registered UNESCO World Heritage Site, has changed into its white winter clothes.

On Dec. 20, snow began falling across Seoul just before daybreak, turning the capital into a wintry metropolis and decorating the palace rooftops in white.

Although it was icy cold with a piercing wind, many visitors were, nonetheless, seen at Changdeokgung Palace. Many of them carried a camera or two slung over their shoulders. They were busy trying to capture the snowy palace before others made footprints across the snow-white open spaces.

Tourists without a camera were also able to enjoy the snow. Many people hailing from regions where snow is somewhat rare, such as Southeast Asia, were making snowballs or snowmen despite the cold weather.

One group of tourists from Taiwan said that it was their “first time to see real snow” and they’re happy for the experience. They posed with the palace halls in the background, looking for the best shot and angle.

Antonio Viscaino, a Spanish tourist waiting in line at the Secret Garden, said, “The palace looks fine, just as it was, but it looks even better in the snow.”

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